Professional SEO Copywriting Will Help You Get Found

Search engines only read words, not pictures. Google is a search engine that has their own algorithm, which is a process that scans all web pages, and tries to figure out what your website is all about. This algorithm, or robot can only read text, it cannot read images, or pictures. So, the only way for Google to know what you and your business are about, is by what professionally written content is written on your site. A website copywriter can help you achieve great stats on Google.
The right words in your site will help it get found. Generally speaking, Google claims that it takes a minimum of 300 words per page for it to really get enough information to understand what that page is about. Also, there is a way that an SEO copywriter writes so that you incorporate the search terms or keywords that someone might use to find your site when searching. Inserting these specific keywords is part art and part science. SEO copywriting ensures that your content sounds natural, but also has enough SEO keywords. 
People look for benefits. Writing for the search engines is very important, but in the end, search engines don’t buy your product, humans do. So, professional writing for the human is even more crucial to having an effective site.  Just because you get people to your site, doesn’t mean that they are going to buy. The writing needs to written in a benefit driven manner. Your reader needs to be engaged by your writing. The internet is a very informal medium, but effective writing can make it a little bit more personal. Within your writing, your reader should be able to know why they should buy from you, and not your competitors.

Let an SEO content writing professional do it for you. We recommend that you have a professional copywriter assigned to your site, and have several pages of writing for the consumer and the search engines. We will select one of our writing professionals who will understand your product, and interview you to find out why your company is unique. They will then write the appropriate amount of SEO copy (at least 300 words per page) to attract and convert the right customers to your website.

Five reasons why you should leave your site content to a professional.

Content is one of the top three factors that contribute to high search rankings, along with links and activity. Here are five reasons why you should rely on a professional to create site content that converts:

  • When you’re so close to your business, it’s easy to assume visitors know as much as you do. Leaving out important details leaves potential customers frustrated and confused.
  • People read differently online so what works on your brochure won’t work on your site.
  • Your customers go online to find information and solve problems. Nothing drives them away faster than paragraphs full of “we this” and “we that”. An objective eye makes sure your copy focuses on the benefits your customers are looking for.   
  • An active voice is a must to keep visitors engaged. Once you’ve got their attention, every page needs a compelling call-to-action or you miss out on valuable opportunities.
  • Unless the keywords your ideal customers use to find you appear in the right spots on each page, you won’t show up in the search results. But the copy has to make sense and be readable, too.

Do you want a site, or a site that gets results? Trust your copy to a Resolt Marketing copywriting professional and relax!

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