On-site Optimization, the initial step to your SEO foundation

Top search engine rankings, who doesn’t want them? Only few are able to actually attain them, no matter how you look at it, there are only 10 spots on the first page of Google for any given thing. So, what’s the difference between the haves and have-nots?

Basically, it boils down to search engine optimization (SEO), or in laymen’s terms, conforming your website to work synergistically with how search engines themselves operate.  Successful, which means effective SEO consists of two parts, on-site optimization and off-site optimization.  Achieving the right balance for your industry’s market is the key to your ROI.

Resolt Marketing, we use our proven, ethical on-site optimization techniques to ensure that your website gets indexed properly and the search engines can view and utilize everything within your entire site.  In English, doing on-site optimization to your site tells Google and other search engines what you are all about, then it digitally remembers it.  Then once called on, in the form of relevant keywords, it can offer your site accordingly in its results or SERPs.

How does this benefit you?  Well, now you are visible to qualified buyers.  Your site can now receive quality traffic, more leads, and improve sales.

Optimizing your site for maximum visibility for relative search terms

To make your site search engine friendly, we tactfully tackle every facet of on-site optimization.

  1. Keyword Research – First things first, we have to identify the keywords you wish to rank for.  At Reseolt Marketing we have teams of analysts who are experts in online market analysis who research and identify the most profitable keywords for your business. This includes quantifying each keyword’s average search volume, the number of competitors optimized for that phrase, and the value of achieving top rankings for the keyword.
  2. Site Architecture – Your site’s backend structure plays a crucial role in determining its visibility to the search engines. For example, the navigation and directory on your website needs to be set up properly so the search engines can easily maneuver their way through your site.  If you give them issues, they remember and do not come back as often as you need them to. Just like you don’t go to that part of town to often because you don’t know your way around. Simple as that.
  3. Website Copy – If we had to pick one thing as the most important aspect to a successful SEO campaign, it would definitely be the content. Yes, the actual words/text that is in your site. Not only is it key for search engines to determine what you are all about, it is actually and more importantly what your readers or potential customers will have to read.  This is the only way you will be able to relay your message in an attempt to sell them on you or your company.  There is no better way to accomplish both of these goals than with professional copywriting. Those computer geeks attempting to be marketers around town, just try to pass off keyword-stuffed content as SEO copywriting or they just don’t even mention it to you. Our team of professional copywriters understand how to write search engine copy while keeping the most important task at hand which is converting your traffic into paying customers.
  4. Website Design – A proper website design is user-friendly, properly accentuates your brand, and is structured properly for the search engines.  You do not need or want a flashy, pretty, piece of art to entice a buyer. You need a site that conforms to a website browser’s habits, such as eye movements and time spent on things. We have proven designing methods and techniques, we are not artist who want to paint you a pretty picture and charge you $5,000 for it and it will never accomplish any of your business goals.
  5. Meta Tags Optimization – You probably never heard of them, and we didn’t even want to talk about them to you, because quite frankly it is our problem not yours. Basically, these are pieces of code that are important to search engines and users that need to be uniquely created for each page in your site.  We use proven and proprietary techniques to be most effective for you.

If you didn’t notice, there is a pattern here.  On-site optimization is not only for search engines to interpret what your site is all about it is for your site users (or potential customers).  All of this is to give your site a solid foundation for the keywords you want to rank for and convert people into paying customers. You would never want to begin the second part (off-site optimization) of an SEO campaign without nailing this portion down first. There is no point in getting somebody to your site and then having them leave within seconds.

If you are ready to attract and convert, we are ready for you. For years we have been helping our clients of all sizes from all types of industries increase their online presence. Find out how we will do the same for you. Call and schedule your FREE marketing consultation.

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