Off-Site Optimization: The Full-Court Press for Resolts

Surely by now we have explained to you that optimizing your actual Web site is only part of the battle. Yeah….it is great (and part of the plan) that search engines can now interpret your site perfectly, but that doesn’t mean you will achieve the coveted top placements within their SERP’s or result pages. You are not yet relevant. The main way to become relevant and worthy of top placement is by way of off-site optimization. You need a strategy developed for your industry and market. This is the major push to dominate all search engines.

At Resolt Marketing, we have been doing this so long, we use our proven off-site optimization methods to increase your relevancy, authority and your online visibility in the search world. You talking about yourself and saying what you do and how you do on your own site can only get you so far. It gets to a point where it just doesn’t matter what you say about yourself anymore, search engines want you to prove it to them that you are what you say you are. How do we do that for you? Through ethical and/or white hat SEO practices, we generate quality, relevant back links to your website that are essentially saying that you are what you are. It is other authoritative sites voting for you to be included in search engine results. Basically, they are links that build trust with Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc that lead to higher search engine placement for your relevant keywords and targeted phrases.

What is Off-Site Optimization?

In the simplest of terms, off-site optimization is what has to be done aside from setting up your actual site to achieve your desired Web site rankings. In a nutshell, this is the process of establishing incoming links from other trusted, proven, and relevant sources to your website. Because we have experience in establishing high quality back links, we can do this in one-tenth of the time it takes those computer nerds to get the job done? Why? Because of our efficiency, the newbie SEO dorks that just learned on YouTube don’t even know where to begin. We know what sites to go to for many different industries, and we know what our acceptance rate is for each one. We know what to actually input in order to get accepted. We know that our acceptance rate is 95% with site A, 88% with site B, and 10% with site C. An inexperienced SEO doesn’t know their acceptance rates and will be spending you time allotted for your site on dealing with sites like site C. There is just no way for them to know until they have been doing it for years with many different clients.

Back links are very important for a number of things:

  • Make You Popular - All major search engines use link popularity as a key measurement  to gauge theworth of a site. In other words—when someone or another business links to your website, it’s their way of endorsing you or voting for you. When these search engines see that you have a high quantity of quality back links or “endorsements” or “votes” , this means in their eyes that you must be relevant, because why else would these other site waste their time? This increases your relevancy for your target keywords and phrases. This means higher search engine results, and I sure hope you know what that means by now?
  • Increasing Your Authority - Backlinks increase your authority in search engines and potential paying customers.  Look at it this way, if another website is willing to endorse you, you must have something of value to say, offer, sell….right? Would you link or vote for someone who is not valuable in anyway? Probably not.This link building strategy is important for your reputation as well.
  • They Drive Targeted Traffic – By the way, those links that we have strategically placed all over the web, who do you think clicks those links? People. Remember those? People click those links and that is also how you get traffic to your site? And think about it, in one way or the other you only click on things that interest and are relevant to you. You would never click on a tire ad if you didn’t need new tires, that would be pretty boring and pointless if you did. So, you also get targeted traffic from our off-site optimization techniques that we use for your business and those people are highly susceptible to conversion.

Get Your Site a Leg Up on Everyone Else

You know that you and your site need that extra push for top-level search engine rankings. Our expert off-site optimization services provide the boost you need to go from lost on the Web to a staple in your own industry. Get your FREE consultation by contacting us today

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