Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword research and selection is much more than just choosing random phrases from a keyword suggestion tool that a computer nerd found somewhere on the Web. It requires a marketing professional spending the time to get to know you and your business. It means someone has to know how your target audience searches. And even more important, it requires spending the time analyze the keyp hrase possibilities individually to identify the most profitable keywords to target .In a nutshell, you need keywords that will bring targeted traffic that you can convert into actual loyal paying customers and clients.

Resolt Marketing’s keyword research and analysis services match your business with the keywords and phrase that will place your Web site in front of qualified people with money in hand. There is absolutely no point in ever ranking at the top for keywords that don’t bring high quality traffic. All search engine traffic is not created equal, we always focus on quality over quantity. We also must focus on the difference behaviors amongst browsers and hunters.

Our Keyword Selection Process that We Do For You

Here’s how we take the guesswork of finding the most profitable keywords for your site, here’s how we do it…

Keyword Breakthrough
During our keyword breakthrough process, we get to know everything about your company, your unique selling proposition, your products, and your of course your target audience. This is where we actually identify which types of phrases your target market may type in when searching in a search engine for your particular product or service. It’s a free for all brainstorming process to give us a starting point for our research.

Keyword Analysis
Our keyword analysis is the process of determining a tangible value of each keyword or phrase we have initially selected. This is just straight fact finding. There are available statistics for keywords and we simply analyze certain factors that will help us determine the most profitable for you.

Competition Analysis
Knowing the right keywords to target is only half the battle, you also need to know what your chances are of actually getting top placement for each one of those terms. That’s why we do what we do in our competition analysis. We identify which keywords your competitors are optimized for. Then, we check out what they are doing in their off-page strategy and then we know what we need to do to beat them. We then develop a strategy that will surpass them in the search engine results pages in due time.

Keyword Selection
After extensive keyword research, we then work together with you to select the most relevant and profitable keywords for your site to actually target. After we obtain this knowledge, we can now make highly informed decisions. This allows us to identify the right keywords the first time. 
Silo Structure
After primary keywords have been determined, we will construct your site to contain what are called ”silos”. Each one of these silos contains the associated words that usually complement primary keywords. We can call them, “secondary” and “tertiary” keywords. If you are truly talking about baseball, you will always have to mention bats, home runs, bases, pitcher, glove, etc. If you do not, then you really could not accurately describe baseball. So everything baseball goes into a silo. And everything football would go into its’ own silo. This organizes your keyword structure and prepares your site for SEO copywriting.

Own Your Share of the Market!

If you’re tired of seeing your competition reap the benefits of search engine traffic, we can help. Our keyword research services will help you quickly own your share of the online market, increasing your leads and sales. Find out how your business will benefit by contacting us today!


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